Access to the towers

Access at Ilkley:

On Sunday mornings, access is from Church street, through the new link corridor connecting the Church to Church House, to the tower door on the far side (north side) of that corridor.

On practice nights, it’s a little more complex – access is from the north side of the church only. Approaching either from Manor House yard (picture below, left) or from the park, come up the steps towards the link corridor (picture below, right).


The tower door is at the base of the tower, on the south side of the tower.


For a location map click here.

Access at Addingham: come in through the main church entrance and turn left into the base of the tower. If the door is locked, there is a doorbell inside the church porch. Once in the base of the tower, there is a short straight steep timber staircase, through the trapdoor. If the trap door is closed (because we are ringing), please wait until we have stopped and then knock on the underneath of the trapdoor.

For a location map click here.

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